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Finding Clothes To Fit YOUR Body Type!

Posted on 09 March 2018

Did you know I am also like your personal stylist? Did you know that I have customers message me all the time with their stats and I will work overtime to find them something that makes them feel beautiful and confident?!
I have a loyal customer that quickly became a dear friend and she will ask me every time before she buys something or ask me what I will have this week because she knows how to shop for her body type! She also knows that I will be honest with her because I don’t want her to have something that she isn’t confident in!

Once, I had a complete stranger message me about a certain item and wanted to know what size bra I wore because she needed a comparison for herself!

I will take unedited pics for you to show you certain angles if needed!

And I also have girls find pieces that they love and want me to find them so I love to hunt for those!
Sometimes you just need someone to say "Yes girl this is made for you!!" or "No, let's find something else." We are all different shapes and sizes, some have had kids and we all know what that can do to a body! 

We live in a world where everyone is so freaking critical but we still are always the worst critic of ourselves! Let me do the hard work for you and let me bless you with something that makes you do a double take in the mirror because you are feeling so dang good about yourself!
Let's work together and do this!

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